J f Z » Zoinks!
C.J » hey alifer, JoeyFacE, ETC. check out http://grammyboy07.blogdrive.com
alifer » eh...go away, yeah u know who u are..cant u get a clue..we dont like you....
JOeyFacE » Yeah, I know that now after I talked with you, that's why i was asking you about it so much on aim, cuz i was like, "uhh i could be wrong with my tagboard comment" so yeah i'm happy that yr happy
ash@work » martha has nothing to do with it.
JOEY :::DDD » after reading your last post girly im so confused in trying to understand your motives and emiotions but i guess thats how martha works right?
ashh@procrastinating » i hate t.v.
ilovethissong » i had a babq stain on my white t-shirt she rwas killin me in that mini skirt.. skippin roacks on the river by the railrod tracks you had suntanlines and re lipstick i worked so hard for that first kis
ilovethissong » i had a babq stain on my white t-shirt she rwas killin me in that mini skirt.. skippin roacks on the river by the railrod tracks you had suntanlines and re lipstick i worked so hard for that first kis
your girlfriend » I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!
ash@work » bill gave me ramadvance work .. imm soo pumped!!! W00t squared!
ali @ school » love you too sweety! ill call you at my lunch break
ash@work » Bi!
ash@work » okers.. bu ti prob ly wont be done in time.. ill call you tonight around 8:30 my time!.. i love you! be Good!
ali @ school » ahh okay, well just go do that really fast..and then come back.. if i dont reply Text me... ill be in here for over an hour
ash@work » i gotta leave in a sec.. Kim is waiting for me
ash@work » link?
ali @ school » hey kristi wants you tocome on the DA shoutbox so we all can chat? u wanna?
ash@work » what are you doing?
ali @ school » lol that not nice! Im reading this girls post she did on DA about her first sexual experience, very interesting.
ash@work » heh.t stole a penut butter cup from dan when he left the room ^_^
ash@work » hehe
ali @ school » lol okay just stay and chat to me then
ash@work » im camando today!
ash@work » its not a really fast Job.. heh.. they dont call it work for nothihng. it it was fun..id be calld happy skipping fun day!
ali @ school » lol go and do it really fast... and then come back!
ash@work » he did.. thats cool.. i was just reading the onion about a dog that cant live up to the golden revtriever on the purina dog bag
ash@work » kim has coping for me to do.. *sigh but il told her id be there once i finshes up all y important work.. aka tlaking ot you
ali @ school » lol thats awesome. How are you sweety? hows work going? Your bro made me a mix cd and sent it to me, its completely wonderful!
ash@work » lol ... yes im a retard
ali @ school » did you seriously say 'BRB' as you got off the fone with me?
ash@work » yah there ali!
ash@work » yoyoyoyoy!
alifer@skool » *attacks* ughhhh
alifer@skool » you still alive?
alifer@skool » *yawns*
alifer@skool » lol you sick fuck, you can hold my hand, and yes...we can pretend to be gay lovers.. OH check this out, i joined the "lesbian club" at school, cause im straight, and its funny.
ash@work » yesssss!.. only if i can watch them when there doing it.. alis boobs! .. Yummaliscious!
alifer@skool » haha, you wanna? we can do it when i come to visit...ill have to bring my birth cirtificate
ash@work » ill go with you!
ash@work » ohh wow... thats krunk.
alifer@skool » they were pretty, i wanna go get mine done soon
alifer@skool » ha i already think he likes me, i can kinda tell...but i dont like steve0 like that, hes steve0! thers this girl in my psych class, she got her boobies pierced and she showed them to me
ash@work » ali.. you theruh?
ash@work » i called me today and kinda annoyed me the enitire time.. i was like.. well i gotta go!
ash@work » be carefull your probably his new project heh. to make you "happy ali"
alifer@skool » oh yeah, steve0 wont stop calling meh...its awesomness...he calls me all the time, and makes me feel loved.
alifer@skool » lol why subscribe him to you? its just stupid..write him a little post thingy, that he can only read and be like "stop being childish"
ash@work » i would think she wouldnt give a f.
ash@work » i would think she would give a f.
ash@work » i got on his and re subscribed him to rightted
alifer@skool » would he give his gf ur pw?
ash@work » but she doesnt have my pw soo *sigh.. i feel hurt
alifer@skool » well you SHOULD get on his, are you positive he got on yours?
ash@work » i mean unscubscribed him from me
ash@work » mabe his gf did it?
ash@work » i know.. it made me sad casue it was a piontless act of rudness... we arent really even freinds any more.. i dont thin he should get on my iste.. i tdont get on his.
alifer@skool » are you kidding me??? thats fucking childish! why would he do that anyways? you can just go on his site and read!
ash@work » dont you think thats mean?
ash@work » he hack on my site and unsubscribed me to him and he unsubscribed his self to me. it kinda made me sad that he went through all that effort to unsubscribe me when i can read it any time i wnat
alifer » uh oh...what?
ash@work » oh you know hwat drew did
ash@work » sounds fun at least you have the internet
alifer » alright, im doing library aid right now SO boring, theres nothing for us to ever do, so we get on here and be bored......
ash@work » hows school going?
ash@work » oh wait.. it does
ash@work » ok.. i have to redo this big binder thing.. kinda sucks
alifer » hows working going hun?
alifer » YAY
alifer » asheri?
ash@work » ali?
kel » you should check out my new live journal pic... its pretty funny
ash@work » hey...
kel » hey friend!!!
Johanna » Nah. i haven't gotten them. im just filling them out right now hehe.
ali » ashley we are going to get married, and have beautiful children, and we will be loved and in love. and we can ride away on cows. sound good?
ash@work » i was soo poetic
ash@work » hey i think ill post sometime soon
ash@work » what the poop.. whos.. johnosn chong?
Johnson Chong » I love Pinkie forever, I don't want to lost her~
ash@home » hi.. imm happy weee!
kris » i love you
drewhatingclub » drew will take your heart and ripp it to shreds. yesh he will
drewhatingclub » ihate drew too..
drewhatingclub » i hate drew
Steve-O@TCC » Asherie wins! Hope Dodgeball was good.
ash@home » Your flirt finds me out teases the cracks in me smittens me with hope
ash@oru » steve isnt allowed to have freinds.
Steve-O@TCC » I like work. It's fun.
ash@oru » im bored.
ash@home » hey guysh.. i hate .. umm i hate.. i feel like saying that.. cause im sad. i ahte myself.
ash@home » hey imm postin on my blogdrive.. arent i awesome.. lol.. nahh not really..
Steve-O » Special.
j0j0 » i love j00 asherie!
beechy » awesome blog
ash@school! » hey who is the supporter.. id like to know.. your very nice =)
ash@school! » hi kids!.. ive got no e-cash fo rthe 5obillionth time!
j0ey » <3
ash » hi kids
ali » where is the love..the love..the love..