Entry: wooo wo. Thursday, June 29, 2006


I met him at Paddy Red's  random i know.. but you have to wonder about life.. its soo random.. are things by chance? you just dont know.. i mean.. ok.. heres the story.

Oscar was like.. please come to Paddy Red's tonight..
 ( i met Oscar at the Wreck Room previously in  attempting to hang out with my old kindergarden friend Tori, her freind has a friend that was his couisn the band sucked soo we talked)
the whole pub scene really isnt me, Steve pursuaded me not to go... but  When Marion decided she would go with.. i thought.. ok.. W T poop.
 So i went..
Oscar didnt talk to me at all.. but i really didnt care.. i was having a great time with Marion and he really wasnt my type now that i saw him in the light.. sometiime is takes meeting someone twice to know that. .. i was just there to try sometihing new.
Then.. thats when Ian Came over.. actaully i think i started talking to his friend Travis first.. but... reguardless he walked over..

I  think he was drunk.. oh wait i knew he was ... but lucky for me he's a really friendly drunk.. however we really hit it off.. and then marion asked me if i wanted something to drink.. i said sure.. but he offered to buy us drinks  3 shots of wild turkey for me.. yeah.. NEVER TAKE THAT WITH OUT A CHASER!!! ohh sweet popsicles!!!

Soo ofcourse Ian got more attractive, and we talked more.. before he left he got my number.. i thought that was nice.. and went on .. that night horrid things occoured concerning Oscar and his friends, things i never wish to document or remember.

anyways..Saturday night Ian Called. He was drunk.. and happy. he said allot of really nice things.
i dont remeber when he called again.. but the next couple of times he was sober and i got to learn alllot about his life
Hes a computer science Engineer.. at least hes going to be.. he goes to UTA, hes 21,,, 22 in Aug. he likes, golf, cars,and he plays the bass, learing the guitar and piano.  and adventures.  He's about 6'2" ( great heighth for mwah) kinda muscley.. but stilll kinda skinny.. ok.. nothing compared to every other guy ive went out with.. but its really cute.. he has brown softly spikey hair and greenish- blue eyes. and he kinda has a baby face.  and hes  really wants a penguin or a monkey.

So basically hes my dad with the whole intrests thing.

Anyhow,while i was i St. Louis, he saved me from drunk lesbos by talking to me on the fone for around 3 hours. in which he invited me out on our first date to see nacho Libre.

( he invited me out previusly, but i kept haviing things to do.. ) 

I agreed. Monday night came. i met him dowttown, we went to the movs.. had allot of laughs.. walked around a long while, talked, talked, and then we went to starbucks and talked sumore.  it was great. then we piled in his car and went to Old South.

he proceeded to eat a lemon with Tabsaco ( rine and all ) to prove his manlyness.
it was pretty funny.

ANyways,, we drove back to my car and were talking listening to music and such and laugh when dun dun dun.. lull in coverstation occured.. and then i knew it would happen... he leaned for the kiss.. and poor him.. he ended up kissing my shoulder.. i laughed and told him that i didnt kiss on the frist date... which true with me.. and he was soo cute.. i took the words from his mouth...he was like stuttering and apologetic.. and i was like.. dont worry about it.. it ok.. i mean i didnt tell you.. and he was like uhhh wow.. umm sorry  i guess i just put my foot in my mouth. .. man i guess its something to really work for. huh> he said..

cuteness on a stick!

ok.. soo its impossible to write in words how well we got along.. and how we believe in the same things and such, but heres my diagnosis.

there are two kinds of guys ive dated.

theres the one more or less based on sexual attratction, not that i had sex with them.. but there was still that vibe... the whole feel that if you werent involved in a relationship there would be no friendship, which sucks sorta.

then there's the one based on friendship, we get along soo well why not try to whole relationship thing.. which usually sucks becasue i have to talk my self into being attracted to them.

But Ian emcompasses both of these attributes... hes is... alluriung.. yet i am free to be myself around him.. free to talk in silly voices,  but there is still that.. omgosh.. i hope i look pretty for him.. type deal.

So this is exciting.. if anything.. hes the kinda Kat where i wanna take it slow.. and really find out who he is.. and i think that can happen. Ive never experianced anything like this.. and now that i have tasted it. whether or not Ian is just another notch on the belt.. or the real deal, only time will tell....... i think im getting closer to my target. guy... soo goes the breakthroughs in my guylife.





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