Entry: lovers who broke my heart.. they were like northern stars Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Soo my life has definately made a exciting turn..

im sooo excited.

Ive been on that whole cloud 9 feeling for a while know.. it feels great ^-^

I dont think ive ever felt this way before.. about anyone..

With Steve i felt pretty excited him being my First boyfriend and all but by the 2nd and 3rd time there just was that same wow factor as before .. .then.. Drew.. that was just werid in the beginning.. and its kinda weird i talked with him today.. and it made me happy to hear his voice and i know hell always have a peice of my heart.. no matter what i tend to know about him. hes a great.. ermm freind? i dont know how to classify him.. reguardless things were just difrernt with him...

Anyways.. enough remenising.. and let me tell you the excitement..

Soo There was this guy.. he worked at Pets Mart, i met him summer 05 while getting supplies to take care of Steves rabbits... he was totally hott... but couldnt  say a word.. no.. i just giggled and blushed and waited to get through the convo.. it was hard was he was soo freaking cute. The next time i went in i went in with my mom.. My mom and him .. just hit it off wonderful.. but.. heh.. he was way too Hott for me.. soo ill just be quiet.. Anyways.. my mom at the time was like.. isnt he cute Ash!? and i was like yeah .. hes pretty Hott.. soo Marissa hears this..

My mom goes into Pets Mart alot as a general rule haveing 2 dogs, 3 goldfish and a Hampster.. we need too.. soo i guess she continued talking to him.

Then .. When Marissa decided to get a Hampster.. Pets Mart guy was helping my mom .. and marissa blurted out.. "MY Sister thinks your hott!!" he had a smile on his face and said.. wel i think shes hott too.. soo Marissa.. and mom call me once they left... and told me.. i was like.. Yay.. you told a stranger i thought he was hott.. gee thanks for like never giving me a chance now...

bah.. i was pretty T.Oed.. but. mom contiued to go up there.. and one day she asked him if he might be interested in me.. and he pulled out a card and started writting his number down.. then she gave him my Phone #....

he called that night

We went on a date to Bennigans at about 10 at night.. we talked.. i ahd a great time as well as he.. next date he intorduced me to his freinds and we spent a long night talking in the Hot tub.. it was wonderul

and the next date he introduced me to his family.. all of em.. even and uncle.. =)

and anyways.. things have been wonderful ever since.. hes such as awesome person from what ive seen soo far, not only is he hot, and tall but hes got the greatest sence of humor.. and he sooo outgoing and personable.. he loves animals.. even though snakes are his fav.. and hes great with Kids.. and he love his parents.. and fam.. and thats just soo awesome.. and he treats me amazingly.. ive never ever ever ever been treated as good as he treats me.. i feel like an actuall princess when im with him.. i dunno. its just amazing ohh btw his name is Justin Jinicke.. its Italian.. yay!

*tear.. im totally smitten

Soo yeah i really hope this good thing never ends... casue right now.. its Absolutely amazing ^_^



April 5, 2006   10:49 PM PDT
hey awesome! i'm happy for you ashley. i hope this dude works for you really. the cloudnine thing is totally awesome too. gosh, i really am excited about this for you!!

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