Thursday, July 13, 2006

ok.. yay.. soo Ian has no topped the guy list.. he is honestly the best guy EVER

i feel like ive known him forever yet i met him on june 15th.

He brings out the best in me, i love who i am when im around him.. and yesterday he told me that i bring out the best in him.

this is almost to good to be true

i havnt kissed him yet.. but when i do it will be spectacular.

i wanna do things right with him.. i dont wanna lose him due to premature sex... or anything like that. i think i did good with Justin on taking it slow.. and it def paid off... in end.. i didnt have any regrets..

but with Ian.. i dont want it to end.. im soo excited.. the next three days are filled with him.. i cant wait!

tonight paddy red's .. no im not gettig drunk..

tomarrow, zach's house to watch Wedding crashers.... yes i am getting drunk.. and sat i think we are going to the japanese gardens..

im soo happy. with him.

love, me

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