Thursday, August 17, 2006
Kobe Kowsumoto

Screw the little "bottles of drunk" Ian is soo perfect for me i dont  have to walk on eggshells around him.. i can just be me..

it was funny i remember after i wrote that post we had a talk and it was like "blah blah blah im Ian, im perfect..and i love you . blah  blah blah"

So yeah.. things are definatly getting progressivly better with HIm. i hope has has a good day today..


yeah i just thought id leave that update

have a nice day yourself.. and if you read this... you should comment.. i have no clue if anyone ever een reads rabbitfester anymore..  soo yay!

ok bi!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006
little bottles of drunk

i know he likes honesty but there is a certain degree of mystery i should keep.

plus from previous expericance my Big mouth can get me in trouble.

i guess ill just put things on cruise control now..

ready set go.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

ok.. yay.. soo Ian has no topped the guy list.. he is honestly the best guy EVER

i feel like ive known him forever yet i met him on june 15th.

He brings out the best in me, i love who i am when im around him.. and yesterday he told me that i bring out the best in him.

this is almost to good to be true

i havnt kissed him yet.. but when i do it will be spectacular.

i wanna do things right with him.. i dont wanna lose him due to premature sex... or anything like that. i think i did good with Justin on taking it slow.. and it def paid off... in end.. i didnt have any regrets..

but with Ian.. i dont want it to end.. im soo excited.. the next three days are filled with him.. i cant wait!

tonight paddy red's .. no im not gettig drunk..

tomarrow, zach's house to watch Wedding crashers.... yes i am getting drunk.. and sat i think we are going to the japanese gardens..

im soo happy. with him.

love, me

Thursday, June 29, 2006
wooo wo.


I met him at Paddy Red's  random i know.. but you have to wonder about life.. its soo random.. are things by chance? you just dont know.. i mean.. ok.. heres the story.

Oscar was like.. please come to Paddy Red's tonight..
 ( i met Oscar at the Wreck Room previously in  attempting to hang out with my old kindergarden friend Tori, her freind has a friend that was his couisn the band sucked soo we talked)
the whole pub scene really isnt me, Steve pursuaded me not to go... but  When Marion decided she would go with.. i thought.. ok.. W T poop.
 So i went..
Oscar didnt talk to me at all.. but i really didnt care.. i was having a great time with Marion and he really wasnt my type now that i saw him in the light.. sometiime is takes meeting someone twice to know that. .. i was just there to try sometihing new.
Then.. thats when Ian Came over.. actaully i think i started talking to his friend Travis first.. but... reguardless he walked over..

I  think he was drunk.. oh wait i knew he was ... but lucky for me he's a really friendly drunk.. however we really hit it off.. and then marion asked me if i wanted something to drink.. i said sure.. but he offered to buy us drinks  3 shots of wild turkey for me.. yeah.. NEVER TAKE THAT WITH OUT A CHASER!!! ohh sweet popsicles!!!

Soo ofcourse Ian got more attractive, and we talked more.. before he left he got my number.. i thought that was nice.. and went on .. that night horrid things occoured concerning Oscar and his friends, things i never wish to document or remember.

anyways..Saturday night Ian Called. He was drunk.. and happy. he said allot of really nice things.
i dont remeber when he called again.. but the next couple of times he was sober and i got to learn alllot about his life
Hes a computer science Engineer.. at least hes going to be.. he goes to UTA, hes 21,,, 22 in Aug. he likes, golf, cars,and he plays the bass, learing the guitar and piano.  and adventures.  He's about 6'2" ( great heighth for mwah) kinda muscley.. but stilll kinda skinny.. ok.. nothing compared to every other guy ive went out with.. but its really cute.. he has brown softly spikey hair and greenish- blue eyes. and he kinda has a baby face.  and hes  really wants a penguin or a monkey.

So basically hes my dad with the whole intrests thing.

Anyhow,while i was i St. Louis, he saved me from drunk lesbos by talking to me on the fone for around 3 hours. in which he invited me out on our first date to see nacho Libre.

( he invited me out previusly, but i kept haviing things to do.. ) 

I agreed. Monday night came. i met him dowttown, we went to the movs.. had allot of laughs.. walked around a long while, talked, talked, and then we went to starbucks and talked sumore.  it was great. then we piled in his car and went to Old South.

he proceeded to eat a lemon with Tabsaco ( rine and all ) to prove his manlyness.
it was pretty funny.

ANyways,, we drove back to my car and were talking listening to music and such and laugh when dun dun dun.. lull in coverstation occured.. and then i knew it would happen... he leaned for the kiss.. and poor him.. he ended up kissing my shoulder.. i laughed and told him that i didnt kiss on the frist date... which true with me.. and he was soo cute.. i took the words from his mouth...he was like stuttering and apologetic.. and i was like.. dont worry about it.. it ok.. i mean i didnt tell you.. and he was like uhhh wow.. umm sorry  i guess i just put my foot in my mouth. .. man i guess its something to really work for. huh> he said..

cuteness on a stick!

ok.. soo its impossible to write in words how well we got along.. and how we believe in the same things and such, but heres my diagnosis.

there are two kinds of guys ive dated.

theres the one more or less based on sexual attratction, not that i had sex with them.. but there was still that vibe... the whole feel that if you werent involved in a relationship there would be no friendship, which sucks sorta.

then there's the one based on friendship, we get along soo well why not try to whole relationship thing.. which usually sucks becasue i have to talk my self into being attracted to them.

But Ian emcompasses both of these attributes... hes is... alluriung.. yet i am free to be myself around him.. free to talk in silly voices,  but there is still that.. omgosh.. i hope i look pretty for him.. type deal.

So this is exciting.. if anything.. hes the kinda Kat where i wanna take it slow.. and really find out who he is.. and i think that can happen. Ive never experianced anything like this.. and now that i have tasted it. whether or not Ian is just another notch on the belt.. or the real deal, only time will tell....... i think im getting closer to my target. guy... soo goes the breakthroughs in my guylife.




Friday, June 23, 2006
vain clothing images

well im in st. louis.

on uber fast high speed internet.. this rocks....

im soo tired.. im just trying to make it to 10.

plus after STeve i get to talk to West.

and then.. guess what?!?!?! Ian asked me out on a date on Monday.


i love steve.

ok bi

Thursday, April 27, 2006
therefore Concluding

i am getting a boob job


 i hate my boobs

i want pretty ones

mine suck

i just need the money.


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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
i Cant make me



My thoughts at the moment can best be described in the Song I cant make me by butterfly boucher


All the things I want to say but I can't
All the things I want to do but I won't
Hold me tight
Not too tight
I'm in knots and you tie me in bows
I feel pretty
I know that you care
You're so sweet
You're so so sweet

It's not a hurry tha we're in
It's the pollen
It's the spring

I can't make me love you
And you can't make me either
Patience Boy I need it
I can't make me love yooooooou

Oh oh oh

Paper pen and a piece of your heart
I can read it but where do I start?
What to do
What do I do?
An I am going but I'm gonna come back
And maybe then this maybe that
Hold me tight
Not too tight

It's not a hurry that were in
There's no problem
That's the thing!

But I can't make me love you
And you can't make me either
Patience Boy I need it
I can't make me love yooooooou

Everyday there's something new to hold onto toooooooooo a little more of yoooooooouu

I Can't make me love you
And you can't make me either
Patience Boy I need it
I can't make me love yooooooou
Patience Boy on strange days
I can't make me love yooooooooouu

Oh oh oh

yeah.. excitment i suppose.. but its all soo werid..

love ash


Sunday, April 09, 2006
did i mention

Did i mention.. how .. amazing he is???



ok.. bye


Tuesday, April 04, 2006
lovers who broke my heart.. they were like northern stars

Soo my life has definately made a exciting turn..

im sooo excited.

Ive been on that whole cloud 9 feeling for a while know.. it feels great ^-^

I dont think ive ever felt this way before.. about anyone..

With Steve i felt pretty excited him being my First boyfriend and all but by the 2nd and 3rd time there just was that same wow factor as before .. .then.. Drew.. that was just werid in the beginning.. and its kinda weird i talked with him today.. and it made me happy to hear his voice and i know hell always have a peice of my heart.. no matter what i tend to know about him. hes a great.. ermm freind? i dont know how to classify him.. reguardless things were just difrernt with him...

Anyways.. enough remenising.. and let me tell you the excitement..

Soo There was this guy.. he worked at Pets Mart, i met him summer 05 while getting supplies to take care of Steves rabbits... he was totally hott... but couldnt  say a word.. no.. i just giggled and blushed and waited to get through the convo.. it was hard was he was soo freaking cute. The next time i went in i went in with my mom.. My mom and him .. just hit it off wonderful.. but.. heh.. he was way too Hott for me.. soo ill just be quiet.. Anyways.. my mom at the time was like.. isnt he cute Ash!? and i was like yeah .. hes pretty Hott.. soo Marissa hears this..

My mom goes into Pets Mart alot as a general rule haveing 2 dogs, 3 goldfish and a Hampster.. we need too.. soo i guess she continued talking to him.

Then .. When Marissa decided to get a Hampster.. Pets Mart guy was helping my mom .. and marissa blurted out.. "MY Sister thinks your hott!!" he had a smile on his face and said.. wel i think shes hott too.. soo Marissa.. and mom call me once they left... and told me.. i was like.. Yay.. you told a stranger i thought he was hott.. gee thanks for like never giving me a chance now...

bah.. i was pretty T.Oed.. but. mom contiued to go up there.. and one day she asked him if he might be interested in me.. and he pulled out a card and started writting his number down.. then she gave him my Phone #....

he called that night

We went on a date to Bennigans at about 10 at night.. we talked.. i ahd a great time as well as he.. next date he intorduced me to his freinds and we spent a long night talking in the Hot tub.. it was wonderul

and the next date he introduced me to his family.. all of em.. even and uncle.. =)

and anyways.. things have been wonderful ever since.. hes such as awesome person from what ive seen soo far, not only is he hot, and tall but hes got the greatest sence of humor.. and he sooo outgoing and personable.. he loves animals.. even though snakes are his fav.. and hes great with Kids.. and he love his parents.. and fam.. and thats just soo awesome.. and he treats me amazingly.. ive never ever ever ever been treated as good as he treats me.. i feel like an actuall princess when im with him.. i dunno. its just amazing ohh btw his name is Justin Jinicke.. its Italian.. yay!

*tear.. im totally smitten

Soo yeah i really hope this good thing never ends... casue right now.. its Absolutely amazing ^_^


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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Im talking to her right now.. man i have alot of people to talk to.. i need to talk to him to.. but ofcourse its all on his time.

im done with it however.

love is strong; it will survive.....mabe it will morph into something else

who knows..

im excited... i hope things work out im going up there with riss tomarrow.. he smiled at me.. from far away.

i think ill go drown my sarrows  in the doing of some heanna isnt that great!

loves, ash










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